Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dueling Double-0s

From Jesus Miguel Hernandez

They missed their chance in Skyfall, but it's not too late.  It's time to bring Sean Connery out of retirement to play a Bond villain.

I'm not talking about a silly, wink at the audience, lighthearted stream of fanservice villain.  I'm talking about a dangerous, brutal, 'holy shit he might actually win' villain.  I want him to be a villain that hurts Bond.  I want a villain who's actions permanently change the world for the worse.  I'm talking about a villain who will, unlike all the past Bond villains, steal a nuclear bomb, and then fucking use it.  I want Connery to be the Bond villain that vaporizes a city.

You'll never convince me that Kincade wasn't a part that was written specifically for Connery.   You don't write a scene that has a character grease some fucker with a shotgun (complete with that Bond one-liner, "Welcome to Scotland"), without Sean Connery in mind.  But as cool as that would have been, I'm glad he didn't appear.  It would have been a waste of potential.  As the man responsible for building the Bond franchise, he should be the on who poses a serious danger of tearing it down.


Anonymous said...

When you talk about this, you really know what you're talking about. I enjoy it like how I always enjoy you knowing what you're talking about.

The Special Needs Group said...

Thanks a lot! I try to write intelligently if I possibly can.