Monday, October 1, 2012

Clearly She Is a Witch and Must Be Put to Death

From Cap'n Adam Hoden

Have you ever picked up a guitar and started strumming idly?  Then, maybe without you even realizing it, you start to play a familiar riff?  If you're like me, you might have realized that you were playing something you've heard before, and start trying to figure out what it is you're playing.

Perhaps you're the obsessive sort, like me, and so the closer you get to the tune you remember, the harder and harder you try until you've spent the last hour and a half playing the same riff over and over again, and that your fingers are now so sore that it feels like you're typing on sharp, hot coals.

Then, as if by delivered from on high by the vengeful Creator Himself, the realization hits you that you are not, in fact, playing a forgotten favorite from your youth, but rather a 14-second TV jingle that hasn't played on TV since 1990!

Well, dear reader, I have.

Fuck you, Clorox 2.

 Fuck you.

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