Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Something Incoherent

From Woody "Cricketbat-Prison Cell" Flavoure

Editor's Note: Mr. Flavour seems to be be less cogent than usual today. His general point seems to be that LSD is good, or fun, or increases your productivity. As usual, we disavow him.

Acid....Doc Ellis....need I baseball more? The fact that he wasn't on the news constantly before he died is just disheartening, dissapointing, and dibilitating. Disproportionate, devious, and disgusting. Dubious, derivitive, and didactic. Dismal, discourteous, and dissillusioning. Disagreeable, dislikeable, and dickish.

Unexpectedly, this completely bat-shit post from Mr. Flavour gives us an opportunity to promote the music of one of our favorite artists, Todd Snider, who wrote the following song about Doc Ellis.

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