Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back by Heavy-Handed Coercion!

From Cdre. Adam Hoden

Yes, my friend(s), our beloved Special Needs blog has returned, bringing you the deep insights that you so love! Mr. Hernandez’s upcoming expose of Willy Wonka’s sickening human rights violations, Mr. O’Toole will make us all uncomfortable with reports of his illuminating trip through the California penal system, maybe I’ll eventually find some inspiration and pull something interesting out of my ass, and Mr. Flavour will stitch some of his own unique demented ramblings together into something libelous and incoherent.

So stay tuned, faithful readers, for more than a little of that good stuff that keeps you coming back for more. Our honored associates and a few special guests will be--fuck, I don’t know, just get off our ass! We’ll start writing again!

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