Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Father Vic: Cap'n Adam's Deist of the Day

From Cap’n Adam Hoden

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot in my brain for the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Like me, Catholics are fans of antique and obscure language, they are second only to Judaism in bringing us quality entertainment, and their traditions involve the regular ingestion of the flesh and bodily fluids of their own deity (I’ve always said that I’d resort to cannibalism at the drop of a hat).

I’d never consider joining their church myself—I enjoy spending my Sundays indulging in a different sort of meditation. I now can say with some conviction, however, that I will now recommend Catholicism to all my friends and family thanks to this ad:

Being unable to stomach those interminable ShamWow commercials, I am delighted when anybody lampoons inexplicably litigious shill Offer "Vince" Shlomi—being particularly amused when the headset-wearing buffoon was arrested for assaulting a prostitute. Knowing that a Catholic priest is hip enough to make fun of him in such a spot-on parody gives Catholicism just a bit of extra credibility in my book.

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