Monday, April 13, 2009

BGA: the Acme of Lushery

From Shamus (Dipper Mouth) O’Toole

Brothers, it is time once again, or perhaps even a little bit late, for we members of the exalted Brotherhood of Gentlemen Alcoholics to switch from the warm, gentle embrace of the soothing brown liquors that have nudged us so tenderly through the despair of winter, to the lighter, more exciting clear liquors of summer!

Personally, that means forsaking my beloved manhattans for a nice, cool, martini (after noon of course), or perhaps—god forbid—a vodka tonic. The BGA suggests any cocktails made primarily with gin, vodka, rum, or our wily little friend, tequila are great summer drinks. Be sure, however, to always remember the BGA’s founding principle: booze should taste like booze.

Though beer can be a brother’s constant companion throughout the year, the BGA recommends that the beer drinkers among us consider moving from the more brooding ales and stouts, to a refreshing lager. Though, as always, beer should be considered just filler in any serious Alcoholic’s diet.

Brothers, have a great summer and cheers!