Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now!

By Woody (Cricket Bat) Flavour

Yeah by now you've heard the wait...what's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah grim was the right word...sorry for typing out my internal monologue like this...its quite a waste of space and time (that's interesting and slightly eerie to read). The grim news about the election.

Here's something i think would have helped McCain win...a proper endorsement from Arnold Schwarzenegger. We saw them together on the "idiot box" as I call it, and Arny saying stupid shit about "aghh I was action hero in movie film...John McCain actual action hero meyooo." I can't but think that if he would have referenced another one of his movies shit would have gone another way:

"I am kindergarten cop in movie..........JOHN MCCAIN REAL KINDERGARTEN COP."

"I am pregnant man in Junior.....JOHN MCCAIN REAL PREGNANT MAN!!!!!!"

"I am Terminator 2 in movie......JOHN MCCAIN REAL TERMINATOR 2!!!"

"I am twins with Danny Devito in movie......JOHN MCCAIN REAL DANNY DEVITO TWIN!!!"

"I am Conan the Barbarian in film.......JOHN MCCAIN IS ACTUAL BARBARIAN!!!"

"I am True Lies....."

You get the idea.

p.s. Seriously though, the O man won...this is awesome.

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