Monday, September 29, 2008

I Know It When I See It

By Cap’n Adam Hoden:

Gentlemen—and ladies, I suppose, but who can tell?—I have plumbed the depths of the internet, and I have witnessed some weird, deplored, grotesque things. I’ve seen a man fucked to death by a horse, I’ve seen Chris Farley’s bloated corpse; I’ve even seen Brazilian chicks eat excrement like soft serve ice cream to the tune of Lover’s Theme, but I’ve never seen smut like this:

This obscene photograph is obviously meant to suggest still-President Bush's head on Mt. Rushmore next to the greatest men in the history of the United States. I do like how Presidents Washington and Lincoln seem to be judgmentally glaring at Bush, though.

Only 112 days ‘till the Bush Administration is just a memory. I feel that everybody should do what they can to make that memory easier to handle. For example, I plan to remember it as a blurry series of disjointed images--like a fever dream! I've got a buddy who swears he's going to slam Everclear until he can't remember it at all. However you choose to remember it, let's all agree to be glad its over, and not to carve his head into any mountains.

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