Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Self-Important Editorial

From Cap’n Adam Hoden

Please permit me a bit of digression from our usual standard of jackassery, while I ramble a bit about my views of humanity.

I’ve always felt that the most encouraging aspect of humanity is our singular need to better ourselves. To recognize one’s own flaws and strive to overcome them defines courage. It is our gift of introspection and our need to prevail over ourselves that I believe will save the world.

There are many reasons to be frustrated with still-President George Walker Bush. The decisions that he has made have damaged the United States in countless ways. His responsibility in the deaths of thousands of my countrymen, and tens of thousands of innocent civilians is unforgivable. Bearing this in mind, President’s unwillingness to acknowledge his mistakes—and his utter inability accept responsibility for the negative outcomes of his mistakes—is especially infuriating.

With 202 days left in his final term in office, still-President Bush has precious little time to mitigate his blunders. It is very unlikely that Mr. Bush would change anything, even if he were cognizant of his flaws. He tends to view leadership as the quality of never changing one’s mind; always staying the course.

After Bush’s watch is over, our new helmsman will hopefully see the wisdom in changing course before we run aground. If our new President does recognize that wisdom, George W. Bush’s administration will be an easy act to follow.

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