Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And He Dosen't Use Tags, Either

By Jesus Miguel Hernandez

Every once and a while, the members of the special needs group need to take a quiet sabbatical in order to recharge our creative batteries. If Messers Hoden and O’Toole are off on a vacation, or completing programs that would allow them to reenter society, I would pick up the slack and post more often. If, however all three of the honorable associates of the special needs blog happened to be engaged in other projects, responsibility would fall on our junior associate Woody Flavour to fill the void.

It would seem that we failed to explain to Mr. Flavour that we here at The Special Needs Group do not insult our readers on the Special Needs Blog; instead favoring to do so behind our readers’ backs. We also will have a talk with Mr. Flavour about context, and telling our readers what the hell they’re reading.

As a special way of apologizing to our loyal throng of readers, we are introducing a new semi-regular character to our gang at the Special Needs Group. Please welcome Tobias the “Sorry” Clown. His image will adorn all future posts in which we make a public apology. We look forward to working with our new friend Tobias.

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