Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We're Back, Baby!


By The Special Needs Group

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; any animals that somehow navigated to our page, WE’RE BACK!

Yes, the Special Needs Group, touted by some to be the most relevant blog ever, has returned to its adoring throng with tales of the hiatus that seemed like it would never end.

Each of our honored associates is poised over his respective keyboard, eager to share stories of their hiatus. Shamus will enthrall us with tales of his triumphant return to the land of his birth—only to end up drunk, naked, and lost in Scotland. Jesus will tell us about his safari, and perhaps share with us exactly where he “found” a metric ton of ivory. Cap’n Adam is simply turgid with anticipation of telling us about his journey to the New York Comic Convention, or ComiCon, as the nerds say. And, I’m sure Woody Flavour will make us all cringe with some horrible contribution of his own.

So join me in ruckus celebration at the reopening of our beloved Special Needs Blog.

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