Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sports Fuck! Four

by Woody "Cricket Bat" Flavour

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Here we go with another Sports Fuck...

Announcer: Ladies an gentleman of the press Mr. Johnson would now like to read a prepared statement.

Magic Johnson: Ladies and gentlemen, I have contracted AIDS. Which means that I had sex with a lady that had sex with a man, who had sex with a lady, who had sex with a man, who had sex with another man, who had sex with a monkey. Thank you.

We all remember that shadowy November eve in which Magic Johnson announced his having of AIDS to the people. And we all remember pumping our fists with joy. It was like Christmas buttfucked Mardi Gras and had an ass baby named "Finally Day."

I don't have anything against Magic, but AIDS happens to people that allegedly solicit prostitutes. Magic allegedly roamed the streets nightly trolling for disgusting whores. That guy allegedly couldn't get any without paying for it. He allegedly never wrapped his shit up when putting the shag to said whore ladies. Allegedly they all told him his wang was half the size of Wilt Chamberlains.

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