Monday, April 28, 2008

Round Two

By Captain Adam Hoden:

I’d like to take the time now to thank you for voting. It turns out that both of the people who read this blog unanimously hate wolf art.

The Special Needs Group shall henceforth ban any discussion, depiction, or hyperlink to artwork featuring wolves.

This week, artwork featuring cats:

Verses the word ‘Sassy’

Artwork featuring cats has long been the realm of old ladies who have heretofore squandered their creative abilities, but still feel obligated to send quilts and pillows to their unsuspecting relations. These saccharin images must not be taken as gestures of love, but for what they really are: A reminder from Grandma that she is ripe for Death’s icy sickle, and you should call her more often.

The word sassy is an atrocious word that has been a disgusting, cancerous blight on the Queen’s English for too damned long. Users of the word ‘sassy’ should be culled from the respectable populous and processed as animal feed.

Vote wisely.

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