Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Down With Crap

From Jesus Miguel Hernandez:

Ladies, and to a greater extent, gentlemen, I am certain I have your support in my newest pursuit: the prohibition of things distasteful. I am nowhere near arrogant enough to believe that I am the ultimate authority on the subject of American Culture, and therefore; therefore, I introduce the very first interactive feature of our beloved Special Needs Blog.

From this point forward, there will be a one or two question survey—to be located somewhere on our page—asking you to identify the least savory of a list of absolutely insipid things. Voting will last begin on Monday and end on Friday. Over the weekend, I will tabulate the results, discard them, and choose the option that I find most offensive.

This week, Artwork featuring wolves:


Dream Catchers:

Both are horribly tacky wastes of otherwise innocent wall space that morons believe show a deep connection to their spirituality. Realisticly, they only show that you will spend your money on anything. In an amazing feat of poetic justice, Native Americans sell these mass-produced atrocities to stupid white people--who believe them to be art—at an absurdly inflated price. They then use their profits to build casinos and bilk even more white people out of even more money. This sort of incisive business sense is evidence that Indians are determined to take back their country—no matter how long it takes.

Choose wisely, friends.

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