Monday, March 31, 2008

We've Been a Long Time Gone

By Inches O’Toole

Ladies and probable gentlemen, my honored associates and I are now back from our sabbatical refreshed and again ready to share our bucolic wisdom with you, our devoted comrades. We return with stories of our travels that we can’t wait to share.

Captain Adam Hoden is positively atwitter with the anticipation of penning his tale of escape from Burkina Faso—I won’t spoil it, but it involves his briefly becoming a Mexican luchador under the pseudonym El Pene Pequeño.

Jesus Miguel Hernandez is particularly hard-up to tell you of his travels to Hermosa Beach to leer at unsuspecting spring-breakers.

I shall humbly seek to entertain you with the saga of my own spring break adventure—and I’ll tell you why they’ll never let me anywhere near Cancun again!

We’re glad you stayed with us over our holiday, and we hope your own spring break was a good one.

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