Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thoughts About Uncle Sam

By Jesus Miguel Hernandez

The following is a recent conversation I heard between the two other contributors to this blog, Captain Adam Hoden and Shamus (Inches) O’Toole.

SHAMUS: So does Uncle Sam have any super powers?

ADAM: What?

SHAMUS: Like, can he fly, or whatever?

ADAM: What, like Superman?

SHAMUS: Yeah, does he have heat vision or—

ADAM: No, dude, he’s not a superhero.

SHAMUS: Then what the hell is he‽

ADAM: Uncle Sam? He’s the embodiment of the American character.

SHAMUS: But he can’t fly, no heat vision, so what the hell good is he?

ADAM: He represents American courage, and spirit, and pride, and generosity, you dumb Mic.

SHAMUS: Great, but he can’t fly.

ADAM: (sighs) No, no he can’t fly.

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